There is no crisis for babies

There is no crisis for babies

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This weekend I was visiting one of the most anticipated fairs by parents, and I was able to verify that the crisis does not exist for babies. A few rows!

There is no doubt that the first child is the one that gives the most to the parents, since the other children end up inheriting almost everything from him. The Fair was aimed at first-time parents, for those who have to buy a crib, strollers, high chair, car seat, bathtub, changing table, in short, all the basics that a baby needs in its first three years of life. , as we have seen, it can generate an approximate cost of about a thousand euros. And that's without considering the expenses with diapers, food, creams, and accessories such as bottles and pacifiers. In the end, parenting is priceless, you do everything you can for your children, and more.

The supply of baby products was something that made you dizzy. Among the many brochures that the companies distributed and the number of trolleys that circulated through the corridors, the quiet areas reserved for breastfeeding, for changing diapers, and for the nurseries that were in charge of distracting the little ones were appreciated. , for a while. In addition, parents were also able to enjoy workshops on relaxation techniques for the baby, yoga, massages, and tips to promote bonding between parents and children. What these fairs are about is that parents find the answers to all the questions that most afflict you. How to dress, carry and feed your children, what toys and pacifiers to buy for them, where and how to go on trips with them, what help they can have if they have twins or triplets, and more. I think that at the Fair only one question was left in the air. Why was it named the Babies & Moms Room, if it was the parents who most tried to calm the little ones so that the moms could focus on information and purchases? So it would be fair to include parents also in the name of the Fair, right? Pregnancy is also a matter of two.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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