My brother saved my life

My brother saved my life

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The life of Andrés, 7 years old, has totally changed since his brother Javier was born. All this thanks to his parents 'decision to have another child through assisted reproduction and genetic treatment, and to the medicine that successfully saves Andrés' life, with Javier's umbilical cord blood transplant.

Andrés suffered from severe congenital anemia (beta-thalassemia major), a hereditary disease that until now was incurable. Javier was born free of the hereditary disease and completely compatible with Andrés to be the ideal donor, after he was genetically selected. He was the first donor in the world born after a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), a technique used in the Virgen del Rocío hospital complex in Seville, Spain, which allows the analysis of in vitro fertilized embryos to eliminate those that contain genetic alterations that transmit diseases and implant in utero those lacking congenital pathologies. Stem cells from Javier's umbilical cord, born 5 months ago, was what cured Andrés of the disease.

Given the innumerable controversies that are growing around the issue, I, as a mother, support the parents of Andrés and Javier. What is the father or mother who would not do everything to save the life of a child? They did nothing wrong and deserve all our respect. In addition, this method can only be used in Spain when it is confirmed that it is the last resort and the only possible way to save the life of a sick brother. To me, in particular, the only thing that does not seem right is that they call Javier from "Medicine baby" or "Designer baby". Like all babies, I think that Javier is a unique being, not a tool or an instrument. Although his genetics have been treated to save his brother's life, that does not mean that he was born only for that. That is why I think we should not give it titles or mentions of this type. Javier has a life, a name, and a healthy brother, with whom he will be able to play and share many moments in his life. In addition, it is a case that opens a door of hope to many families who are going through or will go through the same thing.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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