Sand drawings inspired by a baby

Sand drawings inspired by a baby

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It is incredible what one can do with the art of drawings. Drawings made with sand are fashionable in advertising, on television programs, on the Internet, and the proposals that are presented are increasingly impressive. There are them inspired by various themes: men, women, animals, war situations, and even inspired by babies.

The pictures speak and tell stories. Creativity along with a little sand can portray the life and stages of a baby, in his room, sleeping in the crib with his teddy bear, a mother next to him telling a story. He also draws children, in the sun, in the park, sitting on benches, playing on the swings and in the sand. I leave you a sweet video, dedicated to those who dream of having children and to those who already have them, which has come to me by mail. So beautiful how much to see children grow up is to tell their story, be it through a drawing with sand, pencils or crayon, be it with photos or with a diary made since their birth. Children love to know what they were like, what they were doing, when they started walking, when their first tooth fell out, or when they went to the beach for the first time. The record of their most important moments, the story of their sensations, expressions, represents a set of very beneficial treasures for them. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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