Why do children need mothers so much?

Why do children need mothers so much?

It seems headless to ask why children need mothers so much, but the truth is that there are children who not only need their mothers to take care of them, make them love them, educate them, but above all to "immerse" in their thoughts and intentions some Once, that they take more than a glance, that they watch them, attentively, if possible with more than two eyes, and they will already know why.

I found some photos that portray some moments of children who really need more attention from their parents; just looking at them, they have left me with the creeps, and with the feeling of feeling a certain "chill in the gut". Surely many of you will feel identified with some of these situations, or will remember that they once experienced very similar situations. One way or another, watching over our little ones is never too much. No one can imagine what goes on in their heads ...

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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