A scanner reveals the movements of a baby at birth

A scanner reveals the movements of a baby at birth

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Thanks to a German mother who agreed to give birth inside an MRI machine in a Berlin hospital, doctors were able to follow the entire delivery process in detail through images. This is the first time they have recorded all the movements of the birth of a baby.

During a delivery many doubts and complications can arise. Although it is a natural process for pregnant women, possible risks cannot be ruled out. A natural birth has three stages: effacement, dilation of the cervix and the descent of the baby through the vaginal canal. Problems can occur at any stage and require urgent intervention to prevent harm to the baby and the mother. Until now, doctors relied only on ultrasounds, X-rays and touch to find out if the baby had some kind of problem to be born. Now, with this new procedure, it will be easier to detect any complications during labor.

To make MRI of childbirth possible, German doctors spent two years designing a system that, using a tubular MRI machine, would allow the live birth of a baby to be scanned. Through high-contrast images of soft tissues such as muscles and brain, and of the bone structure, it is possible to observe specific, known or unforeseeable problems, and present an immediate solution. They will be able to know what type of instrumentalization they need and if it is necessary to perform a cesarean section on the woman, more accurately. In this way, it will be easier to identify a premature birth, any uterine anomaly or infection, if there are problems in the placenta or if the position of the fetus is inadequate, etc., being able to even avoid fetal distress and reduce the number of caesarean sections. generated by the improper advancement of the baby through the birth canal. If you were to give birth, would you agree to do it inside an MRI machine with enough space for it? During the one-hour scanning phase, while the mother wore ear plugs to prevent her from hearing the sound of the scanner, the doctors recorded each stage of what was happening inside her uterus in three dimensions, monitored the baby's heart rate , its movements, the reaction of its bones and the shapes of its small skull. If he birth of a baby It already sounded like a miracle of life, now with the images it seems something more than fascinating. Surely many future moms will be interested in undergoing this new technique to give birth.

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