Nereida: origin and meaning of the name for girl Nereida

Nereida: origin and meaning of the name for girl Nereida

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We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Nereid. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Nereida

Nereo's daughters are nymphs of the sea. In all there were fifty.

Meaning of name Nereida

"Daughter of Nereo".

Origin of the name Nereida


Famous people with the name Nereida

  • Nelia Novoa, German actress (1992-); Nélia Paula, Brazilian actress (1930–2002).

Drawing of the name Nereida coloring page printable game

Video: Nereida Poniendo en su lugar a una vecina (June 2022).


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