How your cervix dilates during labor

How your cervix dilates during labor

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Your cervix will gradually expand during the different stages of labor, from 0 to 10 centimeters. But how big is that? Find out about the dilation process so you can better prepare for contractions.

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How your cervix dilates during labor

During labor, contractions help your cervix open slowly, from 0 to 10 centimeters wide (yes, really!)

Visualizing how the cervix expands can help relax your body and focus your mind

"I put all FEAR aside as I prepare for the BIRTH of my BABY"

In the early stages of labor, contractions are often mild, and the cervix dilates to the following sizes: 0 cm, Blueberry 1 cm, Cherry 2 cm, Strawberry 3 cm, Apricot 4 cm

"I TRUST my BODY and my BABY"

During active labor, contractions become more intense and more regular, gradually opening the cervix even more

Kiwi 5 cm, Plum 6 cm, Lemon 7 cm

"My cervix OPENS and allows my baby to EASE DOWN with each contraction"

The transition phase of labor is the most challenging (and the shortest!)

Apple 8 cm, Dragon fruit 9 cm, Grapefruit 10 cm

"My body KNOWS WHAT to DO, I will SURRENDER fully and completely"

Once the cervix has fully dilated, it will be time to push

You will meet your baby soon!

"Each centimeter BRINGS MY BABY CLOSER"

"I've GOT this!"

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