Pregnancy video: 20 weeks

Pregnancy video: 20 weeks

20 weeks pregnant: Fast facts

Your baby is around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom – about the length of a small banana.

Your baby's swallowing more and producing meconium: a black, gooey substance you'll see in that first dirty diaper.

Anemia is more common during pregnancy. If your blood levels of iron are low, your provider will recommend iron supplements or IV iron. Iron-rich foods like shrimp, beef, turkey, beans, lentils, and enriched breakfast cereals also help.

If you'll need childcare, it's not too soon to start looking into daycare centers, home daycares, nannies, and so on. Ask moms you know for recommendations.

Wondering what to bring to the hospital or birth center? Search our site for "what to pack."

Who gets the final say on your baby's name, you or your partner? In a our site poll, 75% of moms-to-be said, "We have equal say and will find a way to agree."

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