What my child loves to do most

What my child loves to do most

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From simple play to organized activities, parents talk about what their kids love to do best.

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My daughter—on a daily basis she loves to paint. It’s probably her favorite activity in the world. We almost have to argue with her to put paint up, get washed up for anything else.

One of my daughter’s favorite activities is reading. And I know that sort of sounds obnoxious for the parent to say, “Oh, my daughter loves to read,” but she really does love reading.

Rough house with my husband. He loves. He loves to be thrown around and somersaults and thrown up in the air.

My son loves anything that has to do with sports. He wants to play basketball. He wants to play football. He wants to play Frisbee. He loves to ride his scooter.

He loves to eat.

Playing cars. He will find a car anywhere and one little finger and he pushes it all around the house. Trucks. Anything with wheels. He’s obsessed with wheels.

My son loves going outside. He loves playing outside with balls or even just grabbing a stick and walking around the yard just finding things to poke.

My son loves to bounce. Jump, bounces, run outside, play with the dogs. He’s very active. He likes to hike with us. We actually do a lot of hiking.

My daughter loves swimming. And I take them to swimming classes once a week.

My daughter recently has really started liking to draw a lot. That’s what I do mostly. So, I draw often and so she’s seeing me doing that. And now trying to emulate it as well.

She loves swimming and she loved going to gymnastics as well. So, those activities. But just being around the house, she loves being at home too.

Unfortunately, she likes the iPad. So, we try to limit her screen time because I am okay but not a big fan of all these electronic at a too young of an age.

He loves to dance. He loves to be chased. He loves to be tickled. But most of all he really loves to dance.

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