How to teach your child to hoop

How to teach your child to hoop

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A certified hooping instructor shows you how to teach your child to hoop.

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Hooping instructor Granetta Coleman: Some people hoop for fun, some people hoop for fitness. Either way, it's a great activity for kids. So grab a hoop and show 'em how it's done.

Coleman: Hi, I'm Granetta Coleman. I'm a certified hooping instructor and today I'm going to teach you how to teach your kids the basics of hooping.

Step one: Pick the right size hoop. It should come up to her belly button or higher.

Step two: Get in position. Step inside the hoop.

Coleman: So Delaney, put it flat against your back. Step with one foot forward, one foot back, shoulders back, look straight ahead. Good.

Step three: Spin the hoop. Have your child bring their hand into their waist. This allows the hoop to spin flat right at the waist.

Let it go around the waist a couple of times and fall to the ground, good.

Step four: Practice moving your waist. You move front and back as fast as you can.

Coleman: Front back, front back, front back, yeah! That's it, that's gonna keep the hoop up.

Step five: Put it all together.

Holding the hoop against your waist, give it a flat spin, and move front and back as fast as you can.

Coleman: So look at me, yeah? Yeah? All right?

Coleman: Now we're going to try it with your feet side by side, like this. Shake your hips. Side side! Wiggle your hips, wiggle your hips … good job!

Delaney: This is fun!

Coleman: Now you're hooping!

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